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This entire Web Site & Bulletin Board will close on the 5th April 2017.

It has been on a company server since its inception, but that ability/access will now come to end on that date.

As you will all know, we had already moved 99% of this website to a Facebook group - Stonecutters Island, JSTS -
- a number of years ago along with all of the images and it and the other Stonecutter Island Facebook Group pages continue to be posted to on a regular basis.

The pictures which were also moved to the same Facebook group will also still be viewable on Flickr at -

I have also moved some of the info from this website to a page, but again it will only be used as an Archive Page to reference people to the Facebook Group mentioned above.
If you need to, you will be able to find that page at after this one closes.

Think that's all for now.
Kind regards & and thank you all for taking part in this website.
Mike McNamara

Webmaster for the JSTS Stonecutters Island Website

This site was primarily designed to be an online meeting place for UK Royal Naval Service personnel who
served at the Joint Services Transmitting Station (JSTS) on Stonecutters Island in Hong Kong
between 1973 and 1975. However it is now expanding to cover all Service personnel that
were stationed there throughout its entire use as a UK Military Base.

All images have now been transferred to - Click Picture Library below for more info.

Hong Kong - Stonecutters Island Maps


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